Software Complexity Explained Through Visual Art In Dawson City Yukon

This is me explaining software application complexity through visual art. I did it at a hostel across the river from Dawson City. Enjoy.

The paint is water-base and non-toxic. The site was scrubbed clean of paint afterwards.

Part One of Two

Part Two of Two


3 thoughts on “Software Complexity Explained Through Visual Art In Dawson City Yukon

  1. Great video! I love the Yukon River, majestic, inspiring on many levels, dangerous, intense and swift. I once locked myself in a hotel room in for 3 weeks in Whitehorse and wrote software to model a potential gold ore body from drill data, Nobody believed my calculation (because it was very complex and I don’t look like the complex type that they should trust) so they spent 2 million $ to drive a tunnel through the side of a mountain to re-drill the ore body. They came up with a number within 2% of my original hotel room software calculation. They obviously were not having as good nutrition as I who was eating gigantic breakfasts in the restaurant every morning and extreme programming when it was not fashionable or even a term. I suppose what I’m saying is that it is completely appropriate to talk about complex software beside the Yukon River, the connection makes total sense for me at least :-) .. Peace, Love and safe journey!

  2. Thanks Peter. The ruggedness of the place speaks volume to the seduction and the danger of Yukon and software. I’m glad we are on the same wavelength :)

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