Goodness in China

Last night my good friend lost her wallet while she was walking back from dinner. It fell out of her jacket pocket. It’s not a pleasant feeling for her and it doesn’t help that she’s in a foreign country. There were money, IDs and bank cards in the wallet. The four of us rushed to backtrack with her from our campus to the restaurant.

We checked the garbage bins along the way. We also checked the shrubs and other possible nooks and crannies. Once we’ve reached the restaurant and the wallet wasn’t found, we suspect the worst so we decided to go to the police to report the lost wallet.

We had a hard time finding a police station. Desperate,  we stopped two Chinese passers-by and told them about what happened and where we wanted to go, they decided to take us there. Just before we arrived at a police station, my friend got a phone from another of our friend and he told her that the wallet has been returned to our dormitory. We were so happy! We immediately took a taxi back and met our friend at the school’s gate. He handed over the wallet and my friend checked the contents and everything was there including the money!

This event has reaffirmed my belief that the Chinese people are honourable and helpful when it matters. I hear bad stories about China from people abroad and here. Last night, it was a good story. It was a heart warming story of an honourable person who returned the wallet and two strangers helping someone in need. Thank you.


Staying for Awhile

It’s been over a year since I have started my travel. I will be in Zhejiang University for five months. This is the longest time that I am staying in one place. Here are some of the things that I have to make the long stay feels more like a home.

Bought a brand new bike to ride around the campus, West Lake and to the city center.

Got a power bar for all of my electronics. My Macbook adapter keeps falling down if it’s plugged against the wall. This set up is much better for it.

Got a floor mat from Walmart for 5 RMB (~ $0.83). Helps to dry off my feet after a shower.

Got a brown and white checkered chair cushion.

A comfy pair of slippers (brown and white checkered). It suppose to get cold here and especially walking on a tiled floor.

My noodle bowl kit. Ready for use!

Gaviscon for those late night noodle runs. B complex for too much Chinese study. Omega-3 fish oil for all those fried food. Imodium for all those street food. Tylenol for cold symptoms.

My travel bag. I used this bag on my recent trip to Beijing.


Studying Chinese Language at Zhejiang University

Access to Facebook in China is not allowed unless I have a VPN, a proxy or something that can bypass the great filter wall. The school add an extra layer of security. It can be overcome. I chose to not do it as being Facebook-less (social media less) is proving to be good for my study :)

I’m staying at the Yuquan campus of the school. It’s the oldest campus (built in 1800s) but my residence is very modern. Here are some photos of my residence, its surrounding and a view out of one of my classes. Enjoy.

The entrance of my residence. A big red banner welcoming new students.


My comfy room where I spend most my studying time here. The bars on the window detracts a bit but my room is on the ground floor. Safety first.


Looking out from my last class of day on a beautiful afternoon. Looking forward to playing basketball after class.

The cafeteria for international students is attached to my residence. Dinner time. Typically, a meal with 2 dishes and a bowl of rice (cost about 8 cents – 0.5 RMB) is about $3 CDN. This is considered expensive. It’s about 40% less if I eat at one of the many eateries where local students eat.

The campus street outside of the residence. Yuquan campus is the oldest of Zhejiang University campuses. Mature trees line the road and the recent rain really helps make this campus very lush.