Happy New Year! Lao Music Talent

Laos is a sleepy little country known for its easy going nature. This year, I saw another side of Laos.

I spent some time in Vientiane and had a chance to listen to some excellent musical talent during the New Year’s eve bash. If you go to Khop Chai Deu, a must go place to eat in Vientiane, take in the live music. You may listen to one of the following artists.

A live performance at Khop Chai Deu Restaurant in Vientiane Laos, 2011. This is the first night of a two night party. Yes, Khop Chai Deu party for two days to welcome 2012! Puna is an extremely talented young singer from Laos. She will only get better!

New Year’s Eve bash at Khop Chai Deu, Vientiane Laos, 2011/12. Deep Heart is a high energy and talented Lao band that loves to rock!

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