Photos of Ningbo’s Historical Sites

The weather was dark and wet. I can feel how life in the old days would dance with each passing season. During a cold winter rainy day, a family would come together and only venture out to tend their garden patch. Life without cars, without powered machineries they are linked to nature.

Paraphrasing a Chinese idiom “Sleep early, wake up early, good health” acknowledges the people of the past are synchronized to the day and night. In a bigger scope, synchronizing to nature.

My gratitude to Ningbo & Zhejiang Universities, the teachers and the Gangnam dancers. Strings of events have led me to these photos. Life is amazing. Enjoy.


Goodness in China

Last night my good friend lost her wallet while she was walking back from dinner. It fell out of her jacket pocket. It’s not a pleasant feeling for her and it doesn’t help that she’s in a foreign country. There were money, IDs and bank cards in the wallet. The four of us rushed to backtrack with her from our campus to the restaurant.

We checked the garbage bins along the way. We also checked the shrubs and other possible nooks and crannies. Once we’ve reached the restaurant and the wallet wasn’t found, we suspect the worst so we decided to go to the police to report the lost wallet.

We had a hard time finding a police station. Desperate,  we stopped two Chinese passers-by and told them about what happened and where we wanted to go, they decided to take us there. Just before we arrived at a police station, my friend got a phone from another of our friend and he told her that the wallet has been returned to our dormitory. We were so happy! We immediately took a taxi back and met our friend at the school’s gate. He handed over the wallet and my friend checked the contents and everything was there including the money!

This event has reaffirmed my belief that the Chinese people are honourable and helpful when it matters. I hear bad stories about China from people abroad and here. Last night, it was a good story. It was a heart warming story of an honourable person who returned the wallet and two strangers helping someone in need. Thank you.