Wedding Organizing

The following photos are for planning out Mimi’s wedding.

  • May 31st, 2013 is the day of the wedding.
  • About 800 invitations sent out..expected to host around 1,600 guests.
  • ITECC upper level is the reception hall.
  • Requires 1 day to setup in advance of the wedding — May 30th, 2013.

Below is a diagram (click for a bigger image) of the ITECC hall. It’s broken up into 3 zones. It will be easier to communicate among us and create division of work that is less daunting if it’s just one big area.

Zone 1 is the ground floor area. Zone 2 is guest 2nd floor for greeting guests and path to the reception hall entrance. Zone 3 is the reception hall itself. The photos following this diagram are coded in zones for easier reference.

ITECC - Layout of the venue. Broken up to 3 zones.

ITECC – Layout of the venue. Broken up to 3 zones.


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