Gangnam Style Performance At Unity Festival

Despite coming off from their midterm exams, these amazing Zhejiang University students are showing everyone at the festival that dancing is a wonderful way to have fun and unify diverse cultures.

Everyone there loved it. Bravo!

Watch it here or download (approx. 64MB) it.


3 thoughts on “Gangnam Style Performance At Unity Festival

  1. Fantastic! Great fun to watch, thank you Thanou! I love these young people. Just wonderful. Great video.

    Kind regards Karen (Camille’s mum)

  2. bravo aux étudiants pour leur participation à ce festival.
    à les voir sur la vidéo , s’amuser ensemble , c’est génial
    merci au chorégraphe , jolie représentation .
    j’aime beaucoup le montage de la vidéo, bravo aux techniciens

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