Thank you China and Thank You To My New Found Friends


This is my last blog from China. I want to say thank you to the country and the wonderful people I’ve met. It’s impossible to put China into a category. It’s a world in itself. It’s a country in transition with diverse ideas and dreams. It’s a country with ancient behaviours to modern ones. It’s a country with rude people to extremely warm hearted people. With all the mixes, they have made my experiences that much richer and wanting more.

What I will miss the most is the people that I’ve met in school. All are smart and talented. It’s the spirit of adventure instill in each of them that I admire. Their love for life reminded me of how life is precious. Enjoy the ride. Nothing last forever.

I’m so grateful and very honoured to have met with so many great friends.



A Blog To Tell You That I’m Not Blogging This Week

cropped-header-burton.jpgI can’t write a blog this week because I have final exams next week and I need to study. The program itself is a non-degree so my mark doesn’t mean anything. So what’s up with the studying then?

It’s a habit formed from many years of formal schooling. I can still feel the effect of the thought of writing final exams. A sense of “oh no, I don’t know this stuff..yikes! gotta study.” This drives me into a frenzy of studying.

A challenge for me is to stay focus. Part of my head is now thinking about the stuff I will be doing after study — getting back to the software development space. Now I study and late into the night, I read about software development. Yesterday, I put a stop on software development stuff and just focus on the studying for my exams.

Another thing that I’ve been thinking about is my time here will come to an end. The wonderful people that I am grateful to have met, the relationships that have formed will come to an end in their current form. A sense of sadness is in me. We will no longer seeing each other in classes, no longer going on weekend trips, no longer doing KTV runs, no longer going to different eateries and etc.

The question is what will become after the end of the current form of relating? Will the new form be just as good as current? I don’t know for sure. What I know is that it’s the unknown that gives me the sense of grasping and loss.

I’m an optimist. What lies ahead, I believe, will be richer because of the experience gained and the value I put into the current relationship that I will carry forward. In essence, I believe life’s richness is in how we relate to each other and in how to appreciate its ever changing nature.