IMG_6450bw-smThanou was introduced to Agile in the summer of 2000, and quickly embraced it as a great way to meet clients’ needs more easily. More personally, he saw how it could help him become a more productive developer and a better communicator. It must have had some effect, as he has since created and facilitates a full-day Agile workshop for all new developers at Intelliware Development Inc. (where he also works as a senior developer).

He co-founded the Toronto Agile Community and the Agile Tour conference in Toronto. He is also a regular presenter at the XP Toronto Group’s monthly meetings.

Outside of the Agile world, his passions include helping children through the education charity he co-founded–Jai Dee Children’s Fund–and helping the environment, as both a High Park steward and as lead for Intelliware’s “Green Team.”

He’s currently studying Chinese language at Zhejiang University.

Email me for a chat. Love to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Thanou, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your site. I am Camille’s mum in France and have enjoyed reading about your life at Zhejiang univ. I loved the gangnam style video! Great fun and of course, I am always thrilled to see my precious daughter! :) thank you, good luck with mid terms, enjoy your time in China.
    Kind regards Karen

    • Bonjour. I’m happy that you enjoy the updates. It’s a lot of fun here despite the challenges of learning a difficult language. Now back to study. Very best – Thanou

  2. wow..cool…is it your blog? haha..
    how are you?? I was very busy..so I couldnt study english very well.
    haha…you look so good..
    take care of yourself. and May all your wishes come true.
    Happy new year…

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