Thank you China and Thank You To My New Found Friends


This is my last blog from China. I want to say thank you to the country and the wonderful people I’ve met. It’s impossible to put China into a category. It’s a world in itself. It’s a country in transition with diverse ideas and dreams. It’s a country with ancient behaviours to modern ones. It’s a country with rude people to extremely warm hearted people. With all the mixes, they have made my experiences that much richer and wanting more.

What I will miss the most is the people that I’ve met in school. All are smart and talented. It’s the spirit of adventure instill in each of them that I admire. Their love for life reminded me of how life is precious. Enjoy the ride. Nothing last forever.

I’m so grateful and very honoured to have met with so many great friends.



One thought on “Thank you China and Thank You To My New Found Friends

  1. Dear Thanou,
    I heard from Camille that you time in China is over. My thanks to you for sharing your wonderful videos and photos on this blog. Thanks to you, the whole family could view and enjoy the Gangnam style troop!! I have really enjoyed seeing you all together. Wonderful people all of you. My best wishes to you in your future adventures, good health and happiness!

    Best wishes Karen Buatois (Camille’s mum!)

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