Xi’an Day 2

The first day in Xi’an, we walked to the Muslim area for some food and shopping. On the second day, we took the bus to see the museum of Emperor Qin terracotta army and his burial site. It’s a whole day activity.

We had to walk for about 30 minutes from our hostel to the bus station. Well, it’s not really a station. It’s a big parking lot across from the railway station on the east side. The bus number we needed to take is 306. The bus starts operating around 8:30am and leaves every 30 minutes (it can leave earlier if the bus is full or later if the bus needs more seats to fill). There’s no advance ticket so it’s important to know where the queue is and to be in it. The money is collected by a fare collector once we’re on the bus. It cost 7 RMB. Once we’re on our way, the fare collector gave a long speech about something. I can only pick out some words but I like her voice. Very poetic.

The museum is about an hour (depending on traffic) away from the city center. Along the way, the bus can drop passengers off to other tourist sites such as Huaqing Hotspring Bathing House.

An adult ticket to the museum is 125 RMB. We used our student IDs (local or foreign) in order to get the student ticket for 75 RMB. A decent saving.

The museum site is big with multiple buildings to protect the excavated areas from the weather. The excavation effort is still on going inside these buildings. It’s amazing how big each site is and combined, it’s more astounding how a fearful mind can create. The army was created to protect and serve Emperor Qin in his afterlife.

After seeing the terracotta army, we took a free shuttle bus (we have to show our museum tickets – don’t throw them away) to the mausoleum of the Emperor Qin. This is another big site that contains more excavation areas of the terracotta army. If you just want to visit his burial site, it’s at most a 500 meter walk straight ahead from the electric cart ticket booth. We decided to take the electric cart to scoot us around to the various excavated areas because we were tired and we didn’t have a lot of time left. The cart’s final stop was at Emperor Qin’s burial site where we had our group photo. A good ending to our tour.

Photos taken by Jiyoon, Jon and me.

Having fun while waiting for bus 306 to take us to see Emperor Qin’s terracotta army. (L-R) Jon, Hyeonji and Anne.

Koreans are popular among Chinese people. A Chinese man asked Jiyoon to a take photo with him at the terracotta army museum. If you’re from Japan, it’s best to keep quiet. Some businesses refuse to take Japanese customers.

Many soldiers lined up to defend Emperor Qin in the afterlife world. Hopefully that other world is more peaceful.

A bronze chariot for the other world.

It shows how deep these soldiers where buried.

Terracotta soldiers wear bright colours. With time, the colours fade away.

Hyeonji and Charlotte terracotta?

At Emperor Qin’s burial site. (L-R) Hyeonji, Anne, Charlotte, Lisa, Jiyoon, John and me.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your story and photos. I brought back vague memories of my high school years of studying Chinese history (my least favorite subject at the time). Now I wish to know more… The older I get the more I want to know about my past.

    • Maybe when you were in high school, the time (or feeling) wasn’t right. Do things when you enjoy it and not forced.
      I just love learning about the people of China and of the world for that matter.

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