Studying Chinese Language at Zhejiang University

Access to Facebook in China is not allowed unless I have a VPN, a proxy or something that can bypass the great filter wall. The school add an extra layer of security. It can be overcome. I chose to not do it as being Facebook-less (social media less) is proving to be good for my study :)

I’m staying at the Yuquan campus of the school. It’s the oldest campus (built in 1800s) but my residence is very modern. Here are some photos of my residence, its surrounding and a view out of one of my classes. Enjoy.

The entrance of my residence. A big red banner welcoming new students.


My comfy room where I spend most my studying time here. The bars on the window detracts a bit but my room is on the ground floor. Safety first.


Looking out from my last class of day on a beautiful afternoon. Looking forward to playing basketball after class.

The cafeteria for international students is attached to my residence. Dinner time. Typically, a meal with 2 dishes and a bowl of rice (cost about 8 cents – 0.5 RMB) is about $3 CDN. This is considered expensive. It’s about 40% less if I eat at one of the many eateries where local students eat.

The campus street outside of the residence. Yuquan campus is the oldest of Zhejiang University campuses. Mature trees line the road and the recent rain really helps make this campus very lush.


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