Finding Agility At The Farmer’s Market

I went to the Sacramento California farmer’s market with my aunt and uncle. People were walking around and mingling with each other. Farmers and the customers were talking and joking with each other. It was a vibrant and uplifting place place to be.

One reason why many people come to the market is the connection they make with the farmers. People refer to the farmers by their names and vise versa. The customers get direct access to the people who are feeding them and on the flip side, the farmers get to talk to the people who eat their food. This creates a powerful connection and understanding. Both support each other to grow the right kind of fruits and vegetables for the community.

The same can be said about why Agile is successful — connecting with the customers directly. In essence, Agile creates the developer’s market for their customers so that the application a development team produced is what the customers want. Does your organization have a vibrant developer’s market?