Success! A New Agile Front Has Been Established.

Success! With this flag,  a new Agile front has now been established in Dawson City Yukon — the most north westerly city in Canada. This flag is my way to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the Agile Manifesto. The flag’s location symbolizes the pioneering spirit of the manifesto when it was created by a passionate group of software experts.


The flag hangs on a mountain’s ledge that is directly across the river to Dawson City. Dawsonites and tourists can see the flag from the town’s main street (if they have a binocular :) as a constant reminder to Agile’s new frontier.


My look is intentional. I am trying to fit into with the environment. Three days staying at a place with no electricity, with outhouses, with constant rain and with single digit temperature days help out a lot. I was into the wild :)

More stuff to come. Up in the Yukon, Internet is not as good as down south.

Next up, I am heading to Juneau to see the glacier. I am hoping to see part of the glacier falling into the ocean (seeing the waterfall process in solid form).

Thanks for a great ride Agile! I’m looking forward to more adventure with you. Onward and upward.