Agile Team Building Idea

@daverooneyca tweeted:
“W00t!! Just found a team that’s working on one story at a time to completion!! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!”

There are 8 people in the team including the product owner.

I tweeted him back and we agree that this approach makes the team better than taking on more stories. This is a great exercise of a newly formed team. The benefits are:

1. Everyone shares the same experience through the whole process — from start to finish. When all 8 people are in it together, it builds team confidence and trust.

2. When all 8 people are working on one story, team dynamics get sorted out faster than if the team is working on multiple stories (you can avoid/defer conflict by choosing to work on a story with the team member that you like).

3. Knowledge on the development process is shared faster.

4. More than likely, the team will go out for drinks after a story is done, which means more team building. Yeah!